What kind of pets do they make?
Greyhounds are gentle, docile creatures that thrive on human attention. They tend to bond quickly and often follow their owner from room to room. They are intelligent and sensitive.

Do they require much exercise?
Racing greyhounds are outstanding athletes, but are sprinters, not distance runners, which means they have limited energy stores. In a home, retired racers are content to curl up on a soft bed and require no more exercise than any other dog of similar size.

Do they get along with other pets?
Greyhounds are very social, and with a proper introduction, can generally adapt easily to live with other dogs. Cats are an unknown to greyhounds so extra time and patience may be required. A small percentage of greyhounds cannot be trusted with small animals.

How are they with children?
Veterinarians and people who work with greyhounds claim that they possess one of the best temperaments of all breeds. They are very tolerant of children and will usually walk away if kids become overbearing. Like any dog, they too can become irritated if tormented or abused. Please note that we do not adopt to families with children under the age of six.

Why are they so thin?
The genetic design of a greyhound is a thin, powerful athlete. They have very little body fat, a requirement for them to remain healthy.