The Miss Florida Pageant

Who is that handsome guy with Miss Florida, Lissette Gonzalez? Why it's none other than our  Boomer!

Each year, The Miss Florida Pageant selects a worthwhile program to highlight as part of their pageant. In 1999 the Adopt-A-Greyhound program was their selected platform for the current event. Promotional and publicity pictures were arranged, but logistic problems arose for the greyhounds that were to appear. When the casting call came for a last minute stand-in, Boomer was ready and willing to pose for the camera. 

He also really liked the limo. As a grade "A" racer, we think he felt his esteemed career had entitled him to this more fitting mode of travel, as much to everyone's surprise, he dove in the open door of the limousine when the chance arose!

Boomer and Miss Florida appeared in promotional materials and newspapers, as well as the official Miss Florida Pageant, 225 page directory. 

Is that a Canadian Diva?

Why yes, it's Trippa!

Not to be outdone, Trippa also does some posing in the sunshine with Miss Florida at the Orlando location of Universal Studios. She prefers the more relaxed pose, as this is hard work.... and after all, there was a red carpet there just for her. No one asked, so she didn't tell them that she was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, prior to her racing career in the United States.

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