leading up to the greyt event. The weather had been stormy and wet. The weather forecast changed daily (if not hourly) as Saturday, June 1 approached. All the more reason why we needed our jumbo tent. The owner of the tent had moved, and up to the last minute, we didn't know if we would have it available. Thanks to some good detective work, and persistence on Tom Leesnurm's part, the afternoon before the picnic, we received it. 

Friday, the day before the picnic, started off cold and overcast as the serious outdoor preparations started. In the middle of lawn cutting and trimming, the rain came down once more. "The show must go on" so we headed out to pick up the huge picnic tables and chairs that we were going to use, thanks to our friends at Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thankfully there were 8 volunteers still available to set up the big tent, which is always an event onto itself ! 

Saturday, June 1 dawned clear and cool. The weather gods were with us once more.... as the sun actually came out. The reception area was ready, and we did not have long to wait, as the first guests were arriving as set-up was being completed. Our large selection of greyhound related goodies were once again available, and many a new Silk Roads collar adorned many a greyhound's neck.

         There were a large number of  unique and unusual items on our silent auction. Bidding was steady, even though wind gusts tried to rearrange the tables and the items on them!

One of the most popular events taking place, was the greyhound massage sessions. We were pleased to once again have Sandy Benoit (and her guide dog Carleton) join us along with partner Sylvia King,  from Canine Touch & Tell, (613) 762-8869. 
We can attest from our Boomer's first hand experience that these ladies know what they are doing. Boomer, who is almost 11, has been a little slow in getting up from a down position lately, and after his session he was noticeably better, with a real spring to his step. Sandy also showed us what areas to focus on, to keep him limber and feeling good. A portion of the proceeds from working on almost twenty greyhounds was donated back to us by the ladies.  Give them a call, especially if you have a dog that is getting a little stiff with age or an old injury. 


   Other very popular, and entertaining events of the day included a contest for the greatest distance travelled, longest tail (which was won by a hair), slimmest waist (greyhound, not people!) and the most senior greyhound.  We thought of a widest waist contest too, but with discretion, decided against it <G>. 

The "egg and spoon" greyhound race was rather funny, but not as comical or entertaining as the greyhound "get naked" contest, (hey, you had to be there....)
Watching all this activity must have certainly stimulated appetites, as "hot dog" sales were very brisk, and almost two hundred were sold before we ran out! Sales of water, soft drinks and chips went well too.  However, the highlight of the noontime feast was a HUGE birthday cake that Melissa and J-R Brisson had custom-made for the occasion, plus enough bagged treats for all the greyhounds there!  By happy coincidence, June 1 was the fifth birthday of their wonderful boy "Baco Noir" (formerly Bob O). Melissa and J-R not only brought the cake, plates and accessories, they served it up as well. Baco thought the whole day was put together just for him!    
If we thought the silent auction was interesting, we hadn't seen anything yet. The LIVE auction proved as hard fought (and entertaining) as last year's. We had many amazing items, including a stuffed toy racing greyhound from Gulf Greyhound Park, Galveston Texas, that Douglas & Danielle Walker had flown home with the day before! Items were as varied as a small Greyhound Bus Lines ball cap, to a unique cement and stained-glass greyhound patio stone. 

Among the many highly prized items were a beautiful signed "World of Robert Bateman"  book, a beautiful framed and numbered print "The Fast Lane", and a limited edition framed print "Meeting of the Racers." 

Again, thanks to wonderful donations from a number of people and organizations, we had some greyt door prizes, which were drawn for as the day came to a close. 

Our count indicated two-hundred people and about one-hundred greyhounds graced our front lawn throughout the day, making this the best attended event yet. Part of the reason for this event is to highlight what the organisation does, and to that end, the picnic was mentioned on local radio, local television, as well as local and regional newspapers, and a Nation wide syndicated radio show.  

A very sincere thanks to all the volunteers, and our special guests, who made this day  possible. This was the 10th and final AAG Picnic....