A  18K Gold Plated, solid brass case. 2 micron gold plating. Aprox 11/8 (2.9cm) wide.
B  Precision construction. Stainless steel back, threaded into case.  O-ring sealed.
C  High quality, black Italian leather, padded and stitched strap.*
D  Stainless steel tube press fit into case, with O-ring seal under  crown.
E  Mineral glass crystal.
F  Precision SeikoTM quartz movement
G  18k Gold Plated hands with luminescent stripe.
Beautiful Metallic Gold Sunray dial, with a black Greyhound Silhouette
*Two strap sizes available
428- Executive Watch, Standard length strap $55  
429-Executive Watch, Extra long strap $57  
We suggest you use a fabric "Tailor's" measuring tape to check your wrist size. If you do not have a fabric measuring tape, use a piece of string, mark the string, then place it on a ruler or similar tape measure to accurately check the size. The standard band will fit a wrist from 6" to 73/4 (15.2cm to 19.7cm) The extra long strap will fit a wrist from 71/2 to 9" (19cm to 22.9cm).